Entrepreneur Mom’s Diary – The First Month

My toddler is sleeping

The first month of entrepreneurship is almost behind me, and I want to share my experience with you.  

Before getting to this month’s experience, let’s take a quick look at what has happened in my life during the last six months (You can read more on my background from About Me page) and why I chose entrepreneurship.  

  • I found my current passion during maternity leave: teach coding for kids 
  • I met Suvi Syrjäläinen from Kodarit and had an opportunity to teach coding for kids 
  • I quit my day job in Nokia Networks last November 
  • I became an entrepreneur 
  • My sons started day care three weeks ago 
  • I am working at home when my daughter comes home from school 

A lot of changes in a small time, I guess! 

Reasons for the changes 

The two main reasons why I needed to reorganize my life were the desire to be closer to children during working days and the passion to start own business.  

Before, I travelled to another city for work, and my husband did the same but in the opposite direction. My responsibility was to take our kids to daycare (in that time we had two kids), then I ran to the train: I opened a laptop and I read my emails before arriving in the city where I worked.  

I had to leave from my workplace a little bit earlier, to be able to get my kids from the daycare early enough. On the way back home, I would finalize my working tasks.  Still once or twice a week, I had to do work at evenings to be able to catch up for the time I wasn’t able to be at the office. My husband had to leave to work before the traffic jam, and he didn’t know when his day was ended, so it was easier for me to take care of the kids.  

By starting my own business, I was able to work in my home office and be there when our daughter come to home from school. None of this would have happened without my passion for building my own business. I have dreamed about entrepreneurship such a long time, and it has been realized now.  

Feelings from the last three weeks 

I feel that my past three weeks have been full of chaos. I have tried to finalized my to-do-list but I don’t have much time for it, mainly because my toddler hasn’t adapted to daycare yet. Also seasonal flu has conquered our family.  


My toddler doesn’t eat and take a nap at daycare, so I have to take him home early. It is wonderful to see my son in the middle of the day, but because of these difficulties I am able to focus on my work only 2-4 hours a day. The better choice would be to have three longer days instead of five short ones.   


I know I am not alone with my feelings, each family is living in the middle of some level chaos.  That’s the way it is if you have kids around you while you build business at the same time. Even if you were a stay-at-home mom, chaos will power your home.  

Still, I believe I made the right choice! I can be with my kids more, I enjoy the things I am doing and working tasks are inspirational.  

What I expect and wish for the next month?  

I wish my toddler will start to adapt to daycare, so I am able to do three longer working days instead of five short ones. That will help me to concentrate my to-do-list, and I can finish the open tasks more easily.  

In this week, I start my own coding courses for kids, youth, and adults which causes extra tension for me. I expect I won’t be so nervous about the teaching after a couple of weeks. My first blog related co-operation is starting in next month, and I have been excited about it! There are plenty of things to be done, but all are the things I enjoy doing.  I am grateful of this opportunity to live my dream.  

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[Special thanks to Jess Chandler for checking my text ! 🙂 ]